+ G O A L S


GOAL 1. Provide an accessible platform for planners and forward thinkers to showcase ideas. 

Create a medium for planners and forward thinkers to upload their ideas via writing, podcasts or video blogs.

Create a medium for planners and forward thinkers to initiate a portfolio space as a place of reference for future writing initiatives.

Provide a space to highlight the life and work of prodigy urban planners.

Provide a space to exchange ideas relating to race, class and gender issues, especially pertaining to black urban spaces.

Encourage other professional fields to be conscious about black urban spaces. 

Engage and teach youth the value of urban planning and black urban spaces.

GOAL 2. Link problems that black urban spaces face with practical solutions.

Develop ideas and initiatives which focuses on topics that adversely affect the lives of Black people living in Africa, North And South America, Europe, Melanesia, and the rest of the world.

Introduce solutions that can be resolved from the 3-Cs.

1. Crowd sharing -Share the information for awareness.

2. Crowd-caring-  Petition organizations to take action toward a certain cause.

3. Campaign execution - Lobby for large firms and organizations to resolve an issue.

GOAL 3. Provide general guidance to young urban planners regarding professional challenges.

Offer free general career guidance through a series of blogs and personal 1-on-1 assistance.

Offer free resume and cover letter assistance to young urban planners.