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B L A C K + U R B A N was created as a safe space for Black urban planners, designers and forward thinkers. The platform is intended to document practical and visionary solutions for the issues that plague Black urban spaces through the lens of research, experiences and case studies.

This platform encompasses many thoughts surrounding Afro-futurism and urban planning, including: urban sustainability, transportation equity, environmental justice, and environmental psychology. Planning can be used as a tool to provide a more realistic approach to some present dilemmas through awareness, coordination and lobbying.

The afro-futurism aspect provides visionary ideas that can one day be achieved through advanced technology. The goal is for one day, some of these proposed solutions can help resolve the issues that adversely impact black urban spaces.

Black urban spaces are unique. Their physical, cultural and social importance to this world are a global phenomena. However,  there is an astonishingly disproportionate amount of wealth, services and resources between Black and White neighborhoods throughout America.

 Synonymously, there are black spaces throughout the world that are distressed subject to neglect and disinvestment. As a result, many professionals turn to American and European models for solutions whereas; leaders and forward thinkers in Africa and of African descent have the tools to resolve some major physical and social problems. While documenting my own solutions, I intend to highlight the myriad of historical and contemporary examples that depicts sustainable urban solutions in Black urban spaces.

Distressed Black urban spaces are places of opportunities.  However, there are many questions that arise before any problem-solving can begin. How can we change Black urban spaces from dystopian to utopian settings? How can we introduce forward thinking architecture, planning and design elements with a distinct identity to improve our settings? How can planning and design resolve the issues of homelessness, poor health facilities and other social problems that plague some predominately Black spaces? 

The idea is for B L A C K + U R B A N to feature projects, ideas and models of exemplary progressive Black urban spaces to provide solutions for these questions while encouraging the professional development of our future leaders.

Join me on this journey to link the past, present and future with planning and design to improve and create better black urban spaces. 


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Sipopo Congress Center, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea  - Courtesy of Emre Dorter/ Tabanlioglu Architects  and  Arch Daily

Sipopo Congress Center, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea - Courtesy of Emre Dorter/Tabanlioglu Architects and Arch Daily