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Whether you are commuting to work or traveling for leisure, transportation is a major aspect of our daily lives. Disparities in transportation related issues can adversely impact black urban spaces. Despite the challenges, new solutions are invigorating hope.

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Oonee: The Next Cool Thing for Urban Transportation

Byron A. Nicholas, AICP - May 9, 2019

An Interview with Oonee’s Co-Founder Shabazz Stuart

Black + Urban had a wonderful opportunity to interview Shabazz Stuart, Co-Founder of Oonee. During an exclusive tour at one of Shabazz’s Oonee pods in Downtown Manhattan, we were given an inside look at how Oonee provides a unique and innovative service to urban transportation while providing additional public amenities complimented by a stellar aesthetic to the urban realm.


Racism in Transportation Policy is Inconvenient, Unjust and Can Have Deadly Effects

Byron A. Nicholas, AICP - August 1, 2018

Today we see the effects of historic U.S transportation policy that has proven to be disadvantageous to Black urban spaces. 


Does Race Matter When Giving up Your Seat to Someone on Public Transit?

Byron A. Nicholas, AICP - July 15, 2018

Perceived crime and negative media portrayal  may be factors that induce public transit racial Micro-aggressions that is related to increased stress and anxiety on victims. This article takes a look at what the MTA and other transit agencies can do to reduce racial prejudices on public transit.