Let’s link the past, present and future with planning and design to improve and create better Black + Urban spaces.
— Byron N.
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It all started when I realized spaces are not  created equally. 

The main criticism regarding dilemmas black urban spaces face is that there is too much talk about solutions and too little action to implement those solutions. It took me many years to discover how I can be more than part of a perpetual conversation and implement solutions. This is how the small campaigns on the website came to be.

A few years ago, I went on a journey to be part of the conversation to help those whom are continuously disadvantaged. Not knowing if I would be of any impact, or where to start, I knew writing down my thoughts was the first step. 

In search of creating solutions, publicizing the issues many of us face started to become a problem. Well established platforms did not want to hear my ideas without some sort of prior publicized work. Therefore I have decided to not only create my only platform, but to open it up to young planners, designers and forward thinkers like myself.

Urban planning is a multi-disciplinary profession. It is common  for young urban planners to seek guidance on their career paths and release their full creative potential. I continue to face similar challenges today, but I've learned tremendous amounts of information from mentors that a formal education was unable to provide.