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Space is very important to us. It encompasses our personal possessions and our psychological state of mind. Most of the world's human population inhabit some sort of urbanized area and this number continues to grow. More sustainable solutions regarding housing, local food system planning and resiliency are on its way.

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Paul Perez, Homeownership and Wealth Building Advocate

Coretta Mondesir - May 28, 2019

“Wrapping up Financial Literacy Month in April, Black + Urban is featuring Paul Perez; an entrepreneur and a community advocate for wealth building. In a 90-minute video call, I was graced with the calm and caring aura of Paul as we talked about life in NY and the social mobility of people of color.”

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The "Master Planners" of New York: Inside Look at Brownsville, Brooklyn

Byron A. Nicholas, AICP - August 15, 2018

Those who possessed the power to change Brownsville have already changed it to what you see today. Find out which entities are next to create change for the neighborhood.